You can finally change the default music app on the iPhone

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You can finally change the default music app on the iPhone heres how

You can finally change the default music app on the iPhone heres how

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Siri, meet Spotify. The iOS 14.5 beta is finally allowing iPhone users to set Spotify as their default music player when using Siri. Now, you’ll be able to ask Siri to play a song and stream it through Spotify, instead of Apple Music.

Previously, you had to specifically ask Siri to play music through Spotify (i.e. “play Taylor Swift on Spotify”). But the iOS 14.5 update lets you make the music streaming app the default option.

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iOS 14.5 is a beta for now and will likely have its public release in a few weeks. Another major new feature included in iOS 14.5 allows FaceID to work while you’re wearing a face mask.

The new default music feature was first spotted by users on Reddit, then highlighted by MacRumors. The first time you ask Siri to play music while using iOS 14.5, a prompt appears with a list of streaming apps. Once you select an option and allow Siri to access that app’s data, it will remain as the default.

Some beta users noted that if you don’t have Apple Music installed, Siri will automatically play through whatever streaming app you use most often (which could be Spotify, YouTube or something else). And of course, this feature is still in beta, so it may be a bit buggy.

This is yet another step Apple is taking that seemingly addresses the antitrust accusations against the company. Last fall, the iOS 14 release allowed iPhone users to change their default browser and default mail app.

How to make Spotify the iPhone default on iOS 14.5

1. Sign up for Apple’s Beta Software Program.

2. Install the iOS 14.5 beta software on your iPhone.

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3. Ask Siri to play a song, album or artist.

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4. Choose Spotify from a list of available streaming apps.

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5. Tap “Yes” to allow Siri access to your Spotify data.

The music should begin playing. And when you make future requests to Siri, Spotify should now be the default.

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