Stunning Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 design takes Galaxy S21 Ultra to the next level

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Stunning Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 design takes Galaxy S21 Ultra to the next level

Stunning Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 design takes Galaxy S21 Ultra to the next level

(Image credit: Ben Geskin/@BenGeskin)

It’s no secret that Samsung has been working to bolster its folding phone game, whether it’s cutting prices on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G or working on new types of foldable designs. And that could mean big changes for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Its already expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will follow the lede of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and add support for the S Pen that had previously been exclusive to Galaxy Note phones. But the upcoming foldable could take even more cues from Samsungs newest flagship, according to some new concepts designs.

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Designer Ben Geskin tweeted a couple of new images that give us a look at what the Galaxy Z Fold 3 might offer when it arrives later this year. These arent official designs, but theyre still pretty interesting, making the Galaxy Z Fold 3 look like a svelte yet large device. There’s a larger camera bump that looks a lot like the S21 Ultra’s setup a possible indication that the Fold could adapt a similar camera array, with a 108MP main camera with laser autofocus.

Here’s how I imagine Galaxy Z Fold 3 Ultra 29, 2021

Aside from the cameras, though,, the new foldable might look very much like the current Galaxy Z Fold 2. The latest Fold might also include a secondary screen that takes up one leaf of the phone’s rear panel. As far as the main folding display, it’s reportedly around 7.6 inches diagonally.

The renders don’t indicate any sort of under-display camera, which tipsters have touged as a possibility. Some thought that feature may debut with the Galaxy S21, but Samsung passed on that opportunity. Geskin’s renders don’t seem to indicate any front-facing under-display selfie cameras here, however.

The render also includes an S Pen, a widely rumored addition to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. There’s no indication that there’d be any place to dock the stylus within the phone itself. It’s likely it will simply have to clip onto the phone or stored in a separate case. (For the S21 Ultra, the S Pen is optional, so you have to a separate case to attach it to something.)

As eye-catching as the renders are, were still very much in the dark about concrete specifics the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will offer. In fact, we still don’t know an official announcement or release date for the new device, though rumors point to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 arriving in May. If so, that will be earlier in the year than the August 2020 unveiling that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 enjoyed.

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